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    Advanced ion-exchangeable materials

    Researches conducting by the group focuses on the development advanced ion-exchangeable optical materials for overcoming new challenges in optics, photonics, and sensorics

    Study of the formation of nanoparticles of alkali and alkaline-earth metals in crystals and glasses under electron irradiation

    • As a result of the electron beam treatment with an electron energy of 50 keV and heat treatment in alkali silicate glasses, Li, Na and K nanoparticles having plasmon resonance are formed

    Dye-doped nanoparticles composed of chelate complexes

    Results: • Aggregation of hydrophobic chelate complexes and organic dyes in aqueous environment by reprecipitation from water-miscible solvents leads to formation of fluorescent nanoparticles

    Last publications Publications

    2017 year
    • Demidov V.V., Evstropiev S.K., Dukelskii K.V., Gatchin Y.A., Bezborodkin P.V., Ter-Nersesyans E.V.

      2-Fold inner cladding symmetry design for actualizing 100µm-core class double-clad large-pitch fibers with the preferential fundamental mode amplification property//Lasers and Electro-Optics Europe & European Quantum Electronics Conference (CLEO/Europe – EQEC, 2017 Conference on), 25-29 June 2017,, IET - 2017

    • Evstropiev S.K., Dukelskii K.V., Nikonorov N.V., Караваева А.В., Евстропьев К.С.

      Formation of transparent bactericidal ZnO coatings on glass surface//2017 ICG Annual Meeting & 32nd Sisecam Glass Symposium: Programm and book of abstracts (22-25 October 2017), IET - 2017, pp. 173

    • Evstropiev S.K., Karavaeva A.V., Dukelskii K.V., Kiselev V.M., Evstropyev K.S., Nikonorov N.V., Kolobkova E.V.

      Transparent bactericidal coatings based on zinc and cerium oxides // Ceramics International - 2017, Vol. 43, No. 16, pp. 14504-14510

    • Mironov L.Y., Evstropiev S.K., Nikonorov N.V., Kislyakov I.M.

      Incorporation of highly luminescent organic/inorganic complexes and nanoparticles into photopolymer for 3D printing//17th International Symposium on Advanced Organic Photonics (ISAOP-17), Shanghai, China, Oct. 11-13, 2017, IET - 2017, pp. 6

    • Volynkin V.M., Evstrop’Ev S.K., Karavaeva A.V., Dukelskii K.V., Kiselev V.M., Bykov M.V., Evstrop'Ev K.S.

      Transparent bactericidal TiO2-ZnO and TiO2-MgO coatings on glass // Journal of Optical Technology - 2017, Vol. 84, No. 7, pp. 477-480

    • Kiselev V.M., Evstrop’Ev S.K., Starodubtsev A.M.

      Photocatalytic degradation and sorption of Methylene Blue on the surface of metal oxides in aqueous solutions // Optics and spectroscopy - 2017, Vol. 123, No. 5, pp. 809-815


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