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2018 year
  • Nikonorov N.V., Ivanov S.A., Angervaks A.E., Okun R.A., Doan V.

    Application of multiplexed Bragg gratings in photo-thermo-refractive glass for holographic prism manufacture // OSA Technical Digest (online) - 2018, pp. JTu2A.10

  • Angervaks A.E., Ivanov S.A., Klimentev S.I., Okun R.A.

    Chirped volume Bragg grating recording in photo-thermo-refractive glass // Journal of Physics: Conference Series - 2018, Vol. 1062, No. 1, pp. 012017

  • Kulagina A.S., Evstrop'ev S.K., Rosanov N., Vlasov V.V.

    Non-linear optical properties of CdS/ZnS quantum dots in a high-molecular polyvinylpyrrolidone matrix // Semiconductors - 2018, Vol. 52, No. 8, pp. 997-1003

  • Болтенков И.С., Колобкова Е.В., Евстропьев С.К., Дукельский К.В.

    Фотолиз диазокрасителя Chicago Sky Blue 6B в водных растворах, содержащих нитраты цинка и самария // Оптический журнал - 2018. - Т. 85. - № 7. - С. 84-86

  • Agafonova D.A., Babkina A.N., Zyrianova K.S., Nuryev R.K.

    Borate glass ceramics doped with chromium ions: synthesis and spectral properties//Books of abstracts of 18th International conference on Laser Optics (ICLO 2018), IET - 2018

  • Ngo F.T., Pham V.K., Gubanova L.A.

    Determination of the layer included in an interference coating that maximally influences correspondence of the spectral reflectance curve of the fabricated coating to the synthesized coating reflectance // Journal of Optical Technology - 2018, Vol. 85, No. 3, pp. 182-185


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