The Chair of Opto-electronic information technology and materials was created in 1994 on the basis  of   Vavilov State Optical Institute - the leading branch of the Institute of the USSR and Russia in the field of the optics, optical instrumentation, laser technology and optical materials science. In 1999, after the reorganization, the department was renamed the Department of Optical Materials Science and Optics.In 2005 the department received its present name – the Chair of Optics Information technologies and materials.

The Department of Optics Information technologies and materials prepares bachelors and masters specializing in:

- optical materials,

 -optical technologies,

- optoelectronic devices and systems,

- spectral, optical and physical instruments,

-fiber and integrated optics,

 -optical engineering,

-biomedical optics,

-sensorial photonics,

-microoptics and microfluidics,

-nanophotonics and nanoplazmonics,

-optical and laser instrumental engineering,

-materials of Terahertz optics,

-nanomaterials and nanotechnologies,

-modern synthesis technology of optical materials,

-modern manufacture technology of optical materials,

-modern surface modification of optical materials,

-modern researching methods and  devices of optical materials,

-laser, electronic beam and ion processing of optical materials,

 -waveguide photonics,

-solid-state physics,

-optical physics and analysis of spectra (spectroscopy),

- optical crystals, glass, glass-ceramics and ceramics,

- electrical, magnetic and nonlinear optical materials,

-laser, holographic and photorefrective materials,

-photo and electrochromic materials,

-UV and IR materials,

-opto-electronic devices, systems and complexes,

-  optical coverings and thin films,


-emitting diodes and phosphor coating materials,

-solar panels,

-laser, silicon and infared photonics,

-modeling the structure and properties of optical materials.

The Chair conducts aspirant training on such qualifications:01.04.05-“Optics”,05.11.07-"Optical and optoelectronic devices and systems", 05.11.13 –“Devices and methods of monitoring of an environment, substances, materials and products”

Organization, purpose and structure of the Department

Mission- the training of high qualified specialists on the basis of modern world level researches in the optical materials and technologies of photonics and optoinformatics to provide competitive advantages of  ITMO University in priority areas of science, technology and engineering, as well as the critical technologies of the Russian Federation.


- training of highly qualified personnel (Bachelors and Masters) on educational directions "Photonics and optoinformatics" and "Optical techniques";

- training of highly qualified personnel (PhD students) in directions of "Optics", "Optical and optoelectronic devices and systems' ;

- scientific and logistical support to the preparation of bachelors, masters and PhD students on the basis of  the involvement of the world-class teaching staff and the creation of a modern instrumentation technology, metrology and technological park of equipment and infrastructure;

-creation of organizational, logistical, financial and economic conditions to strengthen research and innovation department staff;

-organization and conducting fundamental and applied research, scientific, technical and development work in the field of materials and technologies of photonics and optoinformatics;

-strengthening the communication of scientific research subject to the requirements and demands of the modern market of high-tech products;

-the involvement of Russian and foreign undergraduate and postgraduate students in the research work of the department.

Basic principles of the educational process and directions

The main principle is preparation of students in directions which are actively developed by the VSOI:

-Industry of nanosystem,

-Information and telecommunications system,

-Life sciences,

-Transport and space systems,

-Energy efficiency, energy saving and nuclear energetics.

Basic principles of scientific research

- The development of new optical materials and technologies for their synthesis for applications of photonics and optoinformatics;

-The development of modern technologies for processing and modification of optical materials;

- Basic research features and characteristics of optical materials;

- Modeling the structure and properties of optical materials;

- The development and creation of a new element base of photonics and optoinformatics based on new materials;

-The creation of new photonics and optoinformatics instruments and devices

The main areas of application

-Laser technology for information and telecommunication systems and materials processing;

-Fiber, integrated and gradient optics for communication and telecommunication systems;

-Sensors for biomedicine and the physical transducers;

-Optical and space instrument engineering;

-Highly efficient LEDs and solar cells.


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