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Today, optical materials determine the development and progress not only of modern optics and photonics, but also optical communication, biomedical engineering, nano-electronics and energy future. The Chair of Opto-electronic information technology and materials (OTiM) Saint Petersburg State University of Information Technologies is focused on training highly qualified specialists in the field of advanced optical technologies and materials, and photonics optoinformatics. Today the Department OTiM is a leading and exclusive in Russia for training world-class specialists demanded by the optical industry and domestic and foreign innovation companies.

  Since 2009 annually the Department OTiM recognized as one of the best scientific and teaching staff of the University ITMO.

Department OTiM distinguishes three main factors:

1.The Department has a high percentage of highly qualified specialists: 14 teachers among them 12 professors, doctors. It is well-known scientists of world renown, laureate of State Prize, having great authority in Russia and world-wide recognition abroad.

2.The Department has a unique fleet of modern import technology and optical-physical equipment, which has no analogues in Russia and allows to carry out scientific research an international level. Students already with younger courses connected to the research work on this equipment.

3.Department is located in a separate building on the spit of Vasilyevsky Island (Birzhevaya line, d. 4), which is equipped with modern infrastructure, a conference room, an atrium. In this building there are 7 research laboratories and 2 computer classes.

Graduates areas of activity:

-development and research of modern optical materials and technologies for their production, including nanomaterials and nanotechnology - glass, crystal, glass ceramics for photonics, optical coupling, bioengineering, microelectronics, energy.

- study of the properties and characteristics of optical materials based on modern diagnostic equipment.

- computerized modeling of optical materials and physical processes

- design and development of optical elements, devices, instruments and systems based on new materials

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